Securicom is a Global Managed IT Security Services business that understands not only the international security threat landscape but also takes great care to ensure we attain intimate knowledge of the local regions wherein we operate. With 20 years experience in the industry and offices on two continents, we supply services into more than 15 countries and have the capability to secure any business, from start-up to multi-national.

Securicom SMS Services

Securicom offers a sophisticated SMS Platform which has been implemented locally with an international footprint for many years. The platform supports a vast variety of mobile requirements which is flexible and customizable to our client’s specific needs.

Our user interface is completely web based and requires no additional hardware or infrastructure to be purchased or installed. The prerequisite is internet access in order to access the Web based user interface.

The Securicom platform offers a multi-user interface and user accounts can be grouped in a hierarchal structure to fit to our client’s internal structures. E.g. Cost Centre or departmental structure with supported reporting.

This is especially useful where internal cost recovery is required. In the case where integration is required for inbound SMS, Web service functionality is used and for outbound SMS integration, typically a database server will be required. Our API integration interface offers an extremely flexible and easy method to integrate any existing system or application with our platform.


We strive to become the Managed IT Security Services partner of choice globally through our commitment to excellence, service and sustainable partnerships with our partners and customers. At Securicom we believe in service first. In doing so we ensure that our team is not only highly specialized in the field of security but also motivated to excel in providing our customers with the best and most professional service available. We have embraced and deliver on the concept that:
• Business must be fair;
• Business with integrity;
• Honesty and
• Excellence through Service

Excellence through Service.